On the 28th of September, Yousician is joining us at IT and Games Job Fair in Kyiv. We decided to write a post about such an amazing company and who they are looking for to join their team.
Short video about Yousician and what they do.
Our team from Games Factory Talents visited Yousician's office in Helsinki. It is honestly huge. There is a lot of space and comfort zones where you can sit and work, or just grab a cup of something.
IT and Games Job Fair in Helsinki 2019. Best annual recruiting event in the industry.
The company is truly about the music and entertainment. We could see that people working there love what they do and work on something meaningful. There are more than 90 people of 21 different nationalities based in Helsinki and the number is still growing.
So if you love music and you take pride in doing great work, you should join Yousician! Also, if you want to meet the company representatives in person, do not forget to apply for the IT and Games Job Fair in Kyiv as they are coming there.