For Talents
Meet leading games studios in Europe and further your chances of landing your dream job
A great opportunity to meet the leading games studios, review multiple career opportunities, schedule one on one video interviews and network with studios during Live Sessions.
What's in it for you?
  • Connect with Studio Reps
    Score face-to-face time with studio reps/recruiters through scheduled one-on-one interviews online or onsite and catch them live during networking sessions to get answers to your most pressing questions.
  • Gain Insights
    The event is not just about job opportunities, you'll get the lowdown on all the cool stuff happening in the European games industry and hear from industry experts about the latest trends. These career-boosting talks will give you some serious insights that will level up your game, stay in the loop and supercharge your career.
  • Networking
    Get pumped for some awesome networking opportunities! Jump into the community and connect with recruiters, studio reps, and fellow enthusiasts from all over during the event and on our Discord Server. Oh, and don't forget, recruiters might even reach out to you during the two-week networking period before and after the event.
  • Career Wall
    Take a big step towards your next dream job with multiple job postings from awesome European studios that will bring you closer to your dream career. Keep an eye on the Career Wall, available two weeks before and after the event. And here's a pro tip: a month before the event, we'll feature some extra special jobs on the event website.
  • Workshops
    Take part in the workshops organized to help you enhance your core skills and even improve your soft skills and core skills. It's all about honing your talents and becoming the best version of yourself by leveling up and giving your career a boost!
  • Challenges
    Get in on the action by joining studio-sponsored programming, art, and UX design challenges. Show off your expertise and talent, and you might just walk away with some cool cash prizes and awesome company swag. And, with some well-deserved recognition!
A few speakers from our previous events
  • KooPee Hiltunen | Neogames
  • Bea Grandell | Rovio
  • Thomas Winkley | Unity
  • John Cipriani | Supercell
  • Miska Katkoff | Savage Game Studios (PSS)
  • Ari Arnbj√∂rnsson | Epic Games
  • Ciaran Deasy | Housemarque
  • Neha Joshi | Metacore
  • Timothy Coolidge | Rovio
  • Lise Bautier | FunPlus
  • Ville Assinen | Redhill Games
  • Tuuli Peltonen | Dazzle Rocks
Event participation requirements
  • The event is being held mainly for current and future professionals within the Games industry. That is why we require you to have some tangible connection to games, be it in the form of ongoing or completed studies, related work experience, or a rich related portfolio.
  • Experienced Games industry professionals of any level of seniority are accepted (Juniors, Middle, Seniors & C Level)
  • Ensure to fill in the application form completely. Double-check for correct links and information.
  • Mention your motivation for attending the event. This helps us make these events more relevant to your needs, and more productive for you and studios.
  • All applicants must have a complete LinkedIn profile. If your profile is very basic or lacking information, we kindly request you populate it with related studies/experience/content first. This helps us understand your skills and work history better.
  • Provide links to your portfolios (Eg. personal portfolios, GitHub, ArtStation, etc). Your portfolio is your proof of skillset. If you have one, it's important that you provide it, especially if an artist.
  • Fake profiles or portfolio links will not be entertained
  • As we receive numerous applications for the event, we only accept the ones that match the above criteria during our screening process.
Please complete this short application form specify your Skills and Specialties that you would like to continue working with, attach your resume, LinkedIn link and/or link to portfolio.
Submit your application
We'll contact you
We'll review your application and you'll hear from us very one month before the event! We need your data to make the event as useful as possible for you and to offer you matching job opportunities at the event.
Warm-up webinar
We will host a webinar to share the event agenda and how to complete your profile on the PINE platform to get most our of the event.
Invitation via PINE
We'll send you an invitation via PINE platform to join the Job Fair with the detailed instructions how to create your attendee card. We are looking forward to meeting you!
How it works
Warm-up session to Games Job Fair Autumn 2023
Recording of the Warmup session for talents joining the Games Job Fair Autumn 2023 event.
Tour the event platform as an attendee